Volunteer Info


MTL is an all-volunteer organization serving the Youths of the West Orange.  Our volunteer coaches are the backbone of the program and without the hundreds of parents signing up to coach each year, the MTL program would come to screeching halt!


We always welcome new ideas and energy. If you have a special talent (PR, web, fundraising etc....) or just want to help please contact our Board members or any sport Trustees or Commissioners to get more information.



So, how do you become a volunteer and what is expected of you?  There are several ways for you to help out and this is outlined below.

What's my role as a Coach?

  • Team Communication - Player participation is directly related to the amount of communication from the coach. We recommend weekly communication to remind parents of games and practices.
  • Practice and Game Management - Practices should focus on the fundamentals. Game management should focus on playing time, setting line-ups and positions and keeping a scorebook. You should consider using assistants if you require help in any of these areas.
  • Promoting Sportsmanship - Teaching and role modeling principles of sportsmanship is the primary role of a coach in youth sports. Sportsmanship rules and well as league rules must be reviewed with all players.
  • Player Evaluation - All coaches must evaluate their players and submit these ratings to the league commissioner prior to the start of the playoffs. 

What's my role as a Commissioner?

  • Hand out rosters, uniforms, and coaching equipment to the coaches.
  • If there is a shortage of coaches, you will need to reach out to parents to assure all teams have been assigned a coach and an assistant coach.
  • Communicate with coaches on important changes in schedules, rules, and other sport-related events.
  • Game visits - It is important to make occasional visits to the games to be sure coaches are following the MTL guildelines such as rotating players fairly, promoting sportsmanship etc.

Trustees - what are their roles?

Trustees are elected to join the general MTL Board for a 3-year term.  Each sport has a maximum of 5 Trustees who oversee their respective sport.  The Board conducts business according to the guidelines of the by-laws. Trustees are required to have served as a coach or commissioner prior to being eligible for trusteeship.






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