Frequently Asked Mountain Top Soccer Questions

Q:It's September 4th, can I register my kids to play?

A: Depends. Some divisions are closed and other divisions may have open slots. Send us an email and we'll see if we can accommodate you.

Q: My son is registered to play but just broke his arm and will not be participating, may I get a refund?

A: If the request is made before the start of the games, the answer is yes. If your request comes to us in late October, yep, you guessed it, the answer is no.

Q: I registered in May but the coach has not called us, what's up?

A:Because of the last minute flood of registrations (up to 25% of our total 1000 kids), rosters usually have to be made up late. If you have not heard from a coach and it's getting very close to game day, please let us know.

Q: Do you have an office and a telephone number?

A: Technically, no. We have a meeting place where the MTL Organization has meetings and events. It's location: 12 Old Indian Rd. We do not have a central telephone number. We prefer to use email:

Q: I registered my two kids - a Little Kicker and a 3rd grader. I don't like the coaches' hairstyles and I'd like to request both to be moved to other teams. Is this possible?

A: Other than for same-age siblings, we do not honor requests for other divisions. Period. Due to the more competitive nature in the older divisions (grades 1/2 and up), we randomly generate teams taking into account player's age, and gender. This assures fair team makeup. Sorry - car pooling, friends and associates are not valid for switches. Siblings of the same age group will be placed on the same team. Our goal is to have maximum participation and repeat customers. Stacking teams and making exceptions discourages this.

Q: How do I get a season schedule?

A: Schedules are posted a few weeks before games begin.

Q: My daughter loves to play soccer - can we play on Saturday and Sunday?

A: Sure, as long as there are Saturday and Sunday divisions available in her age group (LK, 1/2, and 3/4). You will need to register and pay for both days.

Q: There is a slight drizzle outside, what is your weather cancellation policy?

A: Wet grass, slight drizzle, moderate winds, light flurries - usually won't be enough to cancel the games. If conditions get more severe (like hurricane-like winds, monsoon rain etc.), the Coach will probably call indicating a cancellation. If weather doesn't allow play, we will post online around 8:30am for the morning sessions, and noon for the afternoon sessions. As soon as the determination is made we will call the commissioners and coaches, who in turn will call you. Make sure your coach has your most updated information.

We will allow the kids - especially the little ones - to wear sweats under their uniforms, and hats or gloves.In some cases when there is heavy rainfall on the day prior to games, fields may become unplayable due to poor drainage. It is best to check the website for weather related news (be sure to refresh your browser).

Q: Our coach has put together an after-game snack schedule, what should I bring?

A: Typically, low fat, low sugar (you know, the stuff kids hate!) will work. Fresh fruit is probably the best snack kids can get (peeled oranges, apples, watemelon, etc.). Most kids bring water, so just the fruit works. If you are not bringing fruits, please be aware of diet restrictions some individuals may have.

Q: My kids go to school in West Orange but we live in another town, can we participate?

A: Unfortunately, our by-laws restrict the program only to those living in West Orange- irregardless of where they may go to school. So, if you live in West Orange and your kids go to school outside of West Orange, you are eligible to participate in our programs.

Q: I'm a Coach and just downloaded the Coach's Manual. The first page has a volunteer disclosure. What is this?

A: The volunteer disclosure statement has to be printed, filled out, signed, returned to the Commissioner PRIOR to the start of the first game. The NJ State Youth Soccer league requires this from every volunteer Coach.

Q: What is offsides?

A: In a nutshell, offsides is called when the ball is passed to a player who is between the goalie and the last defender.

Q: Are coaches paid?

A: Ah, no. But each Coach gets a Polo Coach's shirt, a team ball, a whistle, first aid kit, a free clinic, and a group of smiling faces!



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