What is Travel Soccer?

     The traveling soccer program is a highly competitive league for youth athletes interested in developing a high level of play.  It is NOT recommended for beginning players.  Formal tryouts occur toward the end of each season to create teams or fill openings for the following season.

      The program is broken down into two major categories, Small Sided and Large Sided.  Teams that are U8 through U10 are considered Small Sided, meaning there are only 8 children on the field at once. Teams that are U11 and older are considered Large Sided, meaning there is a full field of 11 children on the field at once.

      Small Sided teams have a lower maximum roster size and play on a smaller field with smaller goals.  At this age group, game results are NOT posted on the league websites as the focus is intended to be on playing good soccer and getting everyone on the team to get as many touches on the ball as possible and NOT necessarily winning.

      Large Sided teams have a max roster of 18.  They play on a full size field regulation field with full size goals.  Each of these Leagues places each team into a new flight (level) each year based on their record from the prior season. The principle here is to help the team to become as good as it can be by constantly moving into flights which match it's level of play. Ultimately a 50/50 record is considered indication of proper placement of a team.

      Our club places teams in 3 leagues (Mid Atlantic Premier Soccer League (MAPS),Morris County Youth Soccer League (MCYSA), Mid New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (MNJYSA)) and provides professional trainers that are hand selected by our trustees. League fees and training per season comes to $325 and is collected at the end of each season in prep for the next.  Every team plays 10 games per season.  Small Sided U8 games for MNJYSA are typically played on Saturdays and other age groups/league games are typically on Sundays.  Practices are typically held twice a week in the evening on Lincoln field.  Our Club also allows for a relatively small percentage of children from outside of West Orange to play on our teams. This helps us to prevent our best players from leaving town to find better competition and also  improves the level of play for all the kids on the West Orange team.



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