Fall 2019 Training Schedule

West Orange United FC

Fall 2019 Training Schedule

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 3


                           Mondays + Wednesdays                                                Tuesdays + Thursdays    

6:00pm – 7:20pm

Courage 11 G - Whitehead (Sun. matches) US Club

Crew 10 G – DePinho (Sun. matches) US Club

Fusion 10 B - Merchan (Sun. matches) USYS

Fire 10 B - Tutalo (Sat. matches) US Club

6:00 pm – 7:20pm

Spirit 12 G - Whitehead (Sat./Sun. matches) US Club

Atlas 11 B  – Tutalo (Sat. matches) US Club 

Metro Stars 11 B – Ortega (Sat. matches) US Club

Timbers 09 B – Pardo (Sun. matches) USYS

Cosmos 09 B – Scorciolla (Sat. matches) US Club

Gunners  08 G – Nunes (Sun. matches) US Club


7:20pm – 8:40pm

Red Bulls 07/08 B – Merchan (Sat. matches) US Club

Chelsea 07 G – Scorciolla (Sun. matches) USYS

Mutiny 04 B – DePinho (Sun. matches) USYS



7:20pm – 8:40pm

Sky Blue 09 G – Figueroa (Sun. matches) US Club

Bayern 07/08 B – Pardo (Sun. matches) USYS

Flash 05 G – Scorciolla (Sun. matches) USYS

Earthquakes 06 B – Nunes (Sun. matches) USYS




Goalkeeper Training

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (7:20 pm – 8:40 pm) – Mignone and staff

Goalkeeper training is open to all interested players.  Players should sign up for a session that does not interfere with their regularly-scheduled team practice.  A Google sign-up will be distributed each week. 


Skill Acquisition Training

Monday and Thursday evenings (7:20 pm – 8:40 pm) - Mignone and staff

Skill Acquisition Training is designed to offer opportunities for players to sharpen their execution of technical components related to dribbling, running with the ball, attacking and defending 1v1, 2v1 and 2v2, passing (short, driven, chipped), receiving, re-directing, shooting and heading (for those 11 and older).  Players are encouraged to sign up for a session on their “off” training night.  A Google sign-up will be distributed each week.