MTL Softball Philosophy


The PRIDE Program®

The MTL Softball program is committed to PRIDE and against a “win-at-all- cost” mentality. With PRIDE®, we strive to win, while also pursuing the more important goals of teaching the game of softball, as well as engaging life lessons through sports. While winning is important, learning to compete is much more essential at this level. How to reinforce PRIDE:

  • Performance – “Adversity Provides Growth”
  • Respect – “Positive Attitude”
  • Integrity – “Accept Responsibility”
  • Determination – “There Are No Mistakes”
  • Excellence – “Effort and Attitude”

Young athletes who keep these things in mind develop habits that will serve them well throughout their lives. As an added benefit, athletes who are coached with PRIDE® have reduced anxiety and increased self-confidence. Therefore, they are more likely to have fun and perform better. Here’s how you can help:

  • Tell your player that mistakes are part of the game and can learn from them.
  • Tell them you appreciate their best effort even when falling short of the desired result.
  • Recognize that softball requires hard work and an ongoing process over time that can fuel great conversations with your player about sports and life.

Bucket Filler vs. Bucket Spiller

Each player has an “Emotional Bucket.” When appropriate offer praise, focus on effort, and share words of encouragement. “Constructive criticism,” negativity and focusing on the errors “empties the bucket” and does not provide the necessary learning to help players understand and improve. Here’s how you can help:

  • Encourage your player with specific bucket fillers. Be honest, but remember what your true goals are with softball.
  • Avoid the PGA – Post-Game Analysis, the immediate and critical debrief right after the game. The player will let you know when she’s ready for that conversation. Tell your player, “I love watching you play” as often as possible.

Parent with PRIDE®

Focus on sportsmanship and respect the coaches, rules, officials, opponents and other spectators. Our goal is to provide the players with a positive and healthy experience around the game of softball. We are a community of parents and players all striving for each of our children to learn, grow and enjoy the game of softball. Here’s how you can help:

  • Discuss sportsmanship and Playing with PRIDE® with your players.
  • Model Parenting with PRIDE® as you watch your player compete.
  • Encourage other spectators to model PRIDE®.

*The PRIDE® Program is courtesy of the partnership between MTL Softball and &





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